Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Dr. Mazaheri Reviews Website

The fast growth of the internet and the search engine world, nowadays has made us dependent on online reviews more than ever before. Today we use many virtual tools such as internet search engines in order to leave a paragraph on our experience with the non virtual world, such as restaurants, physicians, dealerships and many more. In this way we have been able to force these businesses to live up to their promises and increase their quality.

Many businesses, however, have increasingly learned to use these Review tools as a means for falsely degrade and mock their competition, who have been working hard for a solid and honest reputation.

As a result I, as one of the staff members at The M Lasik Center, decided to create this website in order to create a transparent media for our patients to leave their feedback for the world to see. Occassionaly I will add the reviews that were handed to me from our patients in our office. I hope in this way we can eliminate the dishonesty and anti-competitive reviews from our transparent reviews.

Thank You,

Chris Sarir

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